Cheeky Rangas Whitelist Mint

August 4, 2022

Company: Cheeky Rangas NFT

Price: .12 ETH

Supply: 9700

Source Link

Cheeky Rangas (CR) is a collection of 9700 unique, utility-enabled NFTs residing on the Ethereum blockchain, themed around the plight of Orangutans and the destruction of their Rainforest habitat. Owning a Cheeky Ranga NFT gives you exclusive access to the Jungle Bar with members-only benefits.

Our mission is to help change the conversation and “TURN UP THE NOISE” around the importance of saving endangered species and rainforest ecosystems before it’s too late.

By linking Web3, Art and Crypto to Real World Issues, Cheeky Rangas turns NFTs into media and avatars and their owners into powerful virtual activists.

The Project donates 25% of the mint proceeds and 75% of the ongoing royalties to relevant wildlife organisations and projects.

So if you want a say in the future of our planet, its ecosystems and its wildlife, or you just like great art and want to explore the potential of Web 3.0 and the Metaverse to impact real-world issues – a Cheeky Ranga NFT could be your ticket to ride.

Added August 3, 2022