Rebel Racoons Drop

August 6, 2022

Company: Rebel Racoons

Price: 0.00 ETH

Supply: 1111

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What is Rebel Racoons
Rebel Racoons consist of 1,111 FREE MINT pixel art NFTs living on the Ethereum blockchain.
No white paper, No vision, No promises. Just fun art and breaking rulez.

Who is Rebel Racoons
Happiness, optimism and cheerfulness is so cliché. We exist to embody insult, defiance, annoyance and loathe. Yeh. Those feelings. You get what we’re talking about.

Why is Rebel Racoons
If you :
• Love racoons
• Are low-key passive-aggressive
• Hate your job
• Tired of everyone’s BS
• Like flipping off people just for fun
• Tired getting RUGGED

This NFT is for you.

Added August 3, 2022